Thermal Therapy Solutions

Thermx is our range of thermal therapy products for pain management. Treating pain through hot or cold temperatures to aid in reducing swelling and discomfort and increasing circulation.


About ThermX

Thermx is the newest brand in the Medinox stable with a focus on hot and cold products to treat pain and inflammation. ThermX provides a natural approach to pain relief. Thermotherapy effectively addresses issues like muscle spasms, sports injuries, and circulation problems. Conversely, cold therapy aids in reducing inflammation and swelling in tissues and muscles by limiting blood flow, aiding in preventing further swelling and inflammation.


Featured Products

Explore Thermx, our thermal therapy range offering a comprehensive solution for pain relief from various injuries. Featuring versatile products like the Thermal Gel Sleeves providing 360-degree heating r cooling, Hot and Cold Therapy Packs suitable for microwave and freezer use, and our latest ThermX Pain Relief Cream for massaging aching and tired muscles.


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