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Medinox exclusively distributes Econocare, a cost-effective product range that offers both quality and great value.


About Econocare

Econocare, a line of high-quality yet affordable medical products, is crafted with careful consideration for the budget limitations encountered by retail stores, medical practitioners, and end-users. This diverse collection encompasses crucial items such as Nitrile gloves, Blood Pressure and Nebulizer devices, and commonly used needle and syringe sizes, ensuring accessibility to fulfill diverse healthcare needs. Committed to excellence, our team consistently broadens this exceptional range, aiming to offer dependable and cost-effective products suitable for customers from diverse backgrounds.


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Econocare offers affordable yet high-quality medical products designed to accommodate budget limitations. This diverse range includes essentials like Nitrile gloves, Blood Pressure and Nebulizer devices, and common needle sizes, ensuring accessibility for diverse healthcare needs.


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