OUR brands

With branches in London, Budapest, Hong Kong and Johannesburg, our primary brand portfolio is made up of MX Supports, Vitaplus, Raffa and Luna

A wide range of listed products that cater for various industry sectors including medical, sports, personal care essentials, first aid, baby and toddler care, kids accessories, eye care and beauty

Our process for sourcing new products is fully supported by our technical/compliance department and design team to ensure a swift transition to market.


Our fully stocked warehousing facilities, located in the UK and Johannesburg, allow us to fulfi l smaller orders which fall under the normal MOQ’s required for full production.

Our OEM service provides for the distribution of our products in your company branding.

We have a dedicated body of sales representatives to guide customers through every aspect of their order – from initial inquiry to after-sales support and marketing strategy.

Medinox also boasts an in-house design team to focus on new product development, OEM projects, marketing support and the continued development of our brands.

In-house quality management and regulatory department to ensure products are fully compliant with regulatory standards specific to each region.


Medinox distributes brands through strategic partnerships across the globe. We provide our healthcare practitioners and customers with a range of personal and international healthcare brands. We specialise in brand management, import, export, warehousing, distribution, sales and marketing of health, wellbeing and lifestyle products.